Law 1.) Law that was decided and declared by justices in Great Britain, which has become the basis of custom and usage in society and upon which legal precedents have been made and developed over a course of several hundred years 2.) That which derives its force and authority from the universal consent and immemorial practice of the people.

Admiralty/Maritime Law 1.) That system of law which relates to the affairs of the sea, such as seaman, ships, shipping, navigation, and the like.

Now this tells us that Common Law is the law of the land and Admiralty Law is the law of the water. So when you step into a court room you automatically assume your standing on land, so it is only just to believe that you are in Common Law jurisdiction. But see the truth is when your name is called and you step into the 
well of the court, you have just unknowingly entered into Admiralty Law jurisdiction. And now you can see why so many people get drowned by the legal system.

Remember people we are in lex mercatoria, commerce and trade...and how does commerce get traded? By the water and the vessels that deliver goods to the various ports around the globe. When vessels approach the port they enter what is called the berth and the manifest is presented listing the cargo of the vessel, before being unloaded to port. Listen real close cause it gets pretty interesting and you will see how innocent people become livestock in commercial trade. A lady (vessel) enters a hospital (port) to give birth (berth) and then is presented with the live birth certificate (manifest) then signs verifying the cargo (baby) thus allowing the cargo (baby) to enter into the world of commerce. Now let that marinate for a minute, and while you do, lets take a look at both the words vessel and commerce.
           2. (Transport/Nautical Terms) a passenger or freight-carrying ship, boat, etc.
           6. Rare a person regarded as an agent or vehicle for some purpose or quality she was the vessel of the Lord. 
               (Collins English Dictionary- Complete and Unabridged )

           1. The buying and selling of goods, especially on a large scale, as between cities or nations.
   2. Intellectual exchange or social interaction.
   3. Sexual intercourse.

               (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)

Okay so, now we see a vessel can both be a ship or a person for some particular purpose or quality. As for commerce now we know about the buying and selling of goods, and all us are well aware of intellectual exchange and social interaction (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but now sexual intercourse? Now we could look at prostitution but that is illegal right, and couldn't possibly be listed as a legitimate form of commerce, could it? Simply put, sexual intercourse produces babies, which are deemed goods, which then are recorded by birth certificates, which in turn become securities that are entered into the commerce and trade market (Wall Street). In the sea of commerce and trade, everything is done by contracts, and this is how we end up lost at sea, drowning in debt and submerged in the courts. Once a contract is signed, that means parties involved, have all agreed to the terms and conditions included in the written agreement. Anytime that you sign your signature, it binds you to the terms of that agreement, even if it is unlawful, you still signed the contract so it binds you to it (they tell you to always read the fine print).The birth certificate is the very first contract that you were entered into unknowingly, and what binds you to the USA corporation. This also pledges your, future sweat equity, once you meet the age of majority and you can legally enter the world of debt. On my birth certificate my mother is listed as an informant in some cases the father is, but either or, it is simply the person who verified the cargo being introduced into commerce. So sad but true.

Now when you enter a courtroom and you enter the court under contract, you are what they call in law a "ward of the court", incompetent to defend yourself and the very reason the court appoints you an attorney or you get one for yourself. You know nothing about Admiralty/Maritime Law nor have you passed the BAR (British Accredited Registry), so this makes you civilly dead to the courts. You are commerce, a corporate fiction, 3/5 of a man, a sub-human, chattel, etc., you have no Constitutional or Bill of Rights and this is how they look at citizens, as nothing but workers. See it's not about race, that was a ruse to hide the true fact that, not only all Americans, but the government itself as well, is enslaved to debt, and not only the country's debt, but also their own personal debt as well. Remember it is about power and control, and next to federal reserve notes, the legal system in the US is one of the greatest controlling factors in ensuring that debtors stay in line. The Federal and local courts, along with all its agents and officers are the creditor's enforcers and this we have here, is your legal system people. I didn't create it I was born into debt/sin just like you. See people have misinterpreted the scriptures and they really offer us guidance on the lex mexcatoria and how to escape capture, which is debt and servitude. In fact, I was incarcerated for months at a time, stripped away from my kids, for charges now I know had no validity, and I was only exercising unalienable rights. "Not anymore, now I dive into the sea with the sharks...and and watch them hide from the Killer Whale."